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Juntai Hydraulics - "China's wisdom made · world quality"

Guangdong Juntai Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005.Juntai Hydraulic is professional in manufacturing hydraulic pumps and electric motors for more than 13 years in China.Our factory is located in Dongguan city,Guangdong Province. Our main products are hydraulic VP single/double variable vane pumps,HVP medium pressure variable vane pumps,high and low pressure pump combination,VPD(UVN) variable vane pumps,50T/150T fixed vane pumps,PV2R series fixed vane pumps and HGP gear pumps, matched electric motors for Hydraulic pumps,servo motors and permanent magnet motors. Our hydraulic vane pumps and electric motors are widely used for industrial machinery, CNC lathes, shoe-making machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, plastic machinery, construction machinery and various hydraulic systems.And our servo motors and permanent magnet motors can be used for plastic injection machines and air compressors.

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core advantages
  • Focus on hydraulic system production for 15 years
    Focus on hydraulic system production for 15 years
    All products are independently researched and developed, with strong manufacturing capabilities, a good supply chain system and more than 2,000 customer witnesses.
  • 从源头把握好产品质量关
    Grasp the quality of products from the source
    Raw materials are procured from the world's 500 strongest companies. The products have passed 326 inspections, major components have been completely inspected, and more than 60 advanced precision machining equipments have been manufactured.
  • Strong independent research and development capabilities
    Strong independent research and development capabilities
    With the three R&D teams of “Munich University of Technology in Germany, professor of hydraulics in Japan, professor level expert of Guangdong University of Technology”, “industry, research and research” cooperation to ensure the leading edge of products, won the “national high-tech enterprise”, “Guangdong Province "High-tech products" and more than 20 patents.
  • Product complete, accurate delivery
    Product complete, accurate delivery
    Product models complete, a total of four major types, more than 100 series, thousands of specifications of the product, has ample stock to ensure the supply.
  • company culture
  • corporate vision
    The world's brand of intelligent solutions for hydraulic systems
                 Become a service provider of hydraulic system equipment
  • Our Mission
    Where there is hydraulic equipment, there is Juntai hydraulic pump
  • Market strategy
    Create dreams for partners and create value for customers
  • Product values
    Provide more energy-saving and environmentally friendly hydraulic system products for humans
                 Providing a steady stream of nuclear power for the national revitalization of national industry
  • Quality policy
    Accurate process and precise control
                 Innovative and pragmatic, striving for excellence
  • core value
    Innovation, pragmatism, cooperation, and win-win
  • Enterprise talent strategy
    Building a nest to lead the phoenix to build a platform, fair and just for democracy; performance is to build a hero, the right to sit for development
  • Brand slogan
    Made in China, World Quality!
  • Service philosophy
    Continuous improvement and innovation, striving for perfection
  • development path

    “Juntai Hydraulics” has achieved remarkable achievements in the hydraulic industry through 13 years of quiet work.

    Juntai launched the brand upgrade plan to create “China's smart, world-quality” Juntai hydraulic products.
    The patent broke through 15 items and was short-listed by the government's “multiplication plan” and was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.
    From 2007 to now, he has participated in the Shanghai International PTC Exhibition for ten consecutive years.

    Renamed "Guangdong Juntai Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.", injection molding, air compressor servo motors put into production.


    Cooperate with Berarma S.R.L to form a servo energy saving and control R&D team.

    HVP, PV2R, 50T series vane pumps are put into production and passed the quality system certification.
    Hire a Japanese oil pump expert and set up a blade pump R&D team.
    Turning to a business model integrating R&D, production, sales and engineering services,
    Main VP vane pump, hydraulic motor and fan series.
    Dongguan Juntai Hydraulic Parts Factory was established to produce and sell oil pumps and motor products.
    Guangdong Juntai Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.