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matext客户端_欧冠转播万博y_欧冠比赛结果万博app matext客户端_欧冠转播万博y_欧冠比赛结果万博app

Building a nest to lead the phoenix to build a platform, fair and just for democracy

This is a thriving career, this is a passionate collective

Join Juntai and join the queue to realize your dreams......

Use Juntai to use strength to create brilliance

We provide you with a comprehensive talent development plan and a multi-disciplinary communication platform to make your future full of possibilities.

Newcomer training

Pre-job training, master led the plan

Vocational Training

Professional skills improvement, general skills improvement

Management training

Management salon, talent team

Management sharing

Juntai open class, weekend afternoon tea


Remuneration and benefits, highly competitive

Highly intelligent and comfortable working environment, good staff atmosphere, make your work more dynamic

  • Competitive salary

    Salary + bonus

  • Perfect management ladder

    Large development space
    Faster ability

  • Paid leave

    Annual leave / maternity leave / paternity leave
    Paid sick leave

  • Five insurances and one gold

    Pension / medical / unemployment / work injury
    Fertility/housing fund

  • Quarterly building

    Quarterly group building activities

  • Fruit snacks supply

    Afternoon Tea / Nightingale / Lounge

  • Festive gifts

    Start work is a holiday gift

  • Juntai Culture

    Dinner / Sports / Conference

  • Guangdong Juntai Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.