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2018-06-21 by Jun Tai


Cylinder calculation

The hydraulic device often works externally through the hydraulic cylinder. Under the premise of neglecting external leakage, liquid compressibility and friction: the force generated by the cylinder is equal to the product of the supply pressure and the active area; the moving speed of the cylinder is equal to the flow entering the cylinder chamber. In the area of action. Calculated as follows:




Oil pump parameter calculation


Pump displacement (mL / r): The volume of liquid that can be discharged per revolution of the pump;

Theoretical flow rate of the pump (L/min): The maximum flow rate that the pump can discharge per unit time obtained by the calculation method at the rated number of revolutions;

Pump rated flow (L/min): Under normal working conditions; the maximum flow that can be output when the pump is operated for a long time;

Pump rated pressure (MPa): Under normal working conditions, the highest pressure can ensure the pump can run for a long time;

Pump maximum pressure (MPa): The maximum pressure that allows the pump to exceed the rated pressure during a short period of time;

Pump rated number of revolutions (r/min): The maximum number of revolutions that can guarantee normal operation for a long time at rated pressure;

Maximum number of revolutions of the pump (r/min): The maximum number of revolutions at which the pump is allowed to exceed the rated speed for a short period of time at rated pressure;

Volumetric efficiency of the pump (%): The ratio of the actual output flow of the pump to the theoretical flow;

Total pump efficiency (%): The ratio of the hydraulic power output by the pump to the mechanical power input;

Pump drive power (kW): The mechanical power that can drive a hydraulic pump under normal operating conditions




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