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2018-04-20 by Jun Tai

The oil pump is divided into high pressure and low pressure. The high pressure plunger oil pump is driven by the cam shaft in the pump to drive the plunger to reciprocate up and down in the plunger sleeve to generate high pressure oil to be supplied to the injector. The cylindrical surface of the plunger is machined with a chute and Straight grooves communicate with each other, axial straight grooves pass through the top of the plunger, and some plungers do not have straight grooves. An oil hole is drilled in the top of the plunger and directly intersects with the chute to form a pump chamber. At the oil inlet, when the plunger drops to the top surface of the plunger at the two oil inlet plugs, the low pressure oil enters the pump chamber from the oil inlet hole, and enters the pump chamber when the plunger moves upward. The oil will flow back from the two inlet holes. When the main generation rises to the top of the plunger and seals the two inlet holes, the filling of the pump chamber ends.

At this point, the pump chamber becomes a closed chamber. After that, the plunger continues to rise and the oil pressure in the chamber rises sharply. When it is high enough to overcome the spring pressure of the oil valve, the oil outlet valve is opened and the high pressure oil is passed. The high pressure pipe is supplied to the injector. When the plunger rises to the chute on the plunger and communicates with the oil inlet hole, the pressure oil in the pump chamber flows back to the low pressure chamber, the pressure in the pump chamber drops rapidly, and the oil discharge valve closes immediately under the action of the spring, the fuel injection pump Immediately stop the oil supply, the time when the chute on the plunger communicates with the oil hole on the plunger sleeve, that is, the time when the fuel injection pump stops the oil supply, the earlier the oil supply is stopped, the larger the oil supply amount, the rotation plunger It is possible to change the time for stopping the oil supply. When the straight groove on the plunger is opposite the oil hole on the plunger sleeve, the fuel injection pump will not generate high-pressure oil, and the diesel engine will stop and stop, in operation, the operator passes the operating mechanism. The angle of the plunger can be changed to change the amount of oil.

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