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Marketing Strategy
  • Development strategy
    At the beginning of the research and development of new products, the project team has already communicated extensively with target customers, conducted detailed assessment and analysis of customer needs, and reached a consensus with customers. Therefore, the target customer group for product industrialization of this project is very clear. At the same time, the company continues to expand its new customer base through product promotion and trial activities, and strives to rapidly expand the market application range of its products.
    Promotion strategy
    With the goal of producing key enterprises in industrial hydraulics and pneumatic equipment, we adhere to the principle of “leading guidance”, that is, strive to break through the leading enterprises in the industry in the first time to strengthen market recognition. Resynchronization According to the...
    Marketing strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
    The pricing strategy of the company’s products is based on cost, market, and customer needs. It adopts cost-plus pricing method, which means that the company considers the pricing based on product development costs, personnel costs, operating costs, materials and equipment costs, and after-sales service costs. The actual demand for production equipment upgrades and renovations in the production industry is compared with the market pricing for similar products at home and abroad. After fully considering the product market competitiveness and product profitability space, pricing is conducted, and the market price of the project product is estimated initially, which is equivalent to the Japanese equivalent. One-third to one-third of the price of technology-level products, outstanding price performance.
    Marketing strategy
    In the process of industrialization of the products of the project, the company will actively expand the marketing team, market development in the sub-districts, and gradually establish a sales network covering air compressors and injection molding machine manufacturers across the country. The company will strengthen its pioneering promotion model, actively develop and sell channel partners that track potential dynamic energy-saving markets and develop strategic partnerships in the region.
    Marketing strategy
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